ETL504 the Teacher Librarian as Leader- topic Introduction

Organisational Theory commencing a unit of Study.

Before commencing my teaching degree I had worked for over a decade in the private sector in a varity of roles. I had worked closely with my managers and had operated in different management roles myself. Despite my clear personal beliefs of what makes a good leader in a corporate setting I had not considered the TL in the role as a leader of a committee or group. I recognise the collaborative nature of the role in supporting and guiding staff but most of the teacher Librarian I have worked with do so in more of an independent manner. Decisions are made by the TL in relation to the Library and are approved by a Principal.

I’m looking forward to expanding my understanding of ;

Transactional Leadership

Situational Leadership

Transformational Leadership

Servant Leadership, and

Instructional Leadership

When I consider my own leadership I would describe it as proactive, engaging, and I try to encourage positive purposeful communications. I recognise the role of the TL in maintaining their knowledge and understanding of emerging technologies and passing these onto other students and teachers but I had not fully considered what management experience I would draw upon to implement into my own Library in the future.

I additionally find, that many of my preconceived ideas on the role of the TL as leader are shaped by the Librarians that I have witnessed in schools. I need to challenge myself to analyse what I would do to change or improve their practice and bring their roles into a modern setting as many are doing the same things as they were 15 years ago. These librarians who I have respected and admired may also not demonstrate the leadership skills to bring libraries into the 21st century in their current format. 



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