Topic 6- Management Implications

Identify three ideas that are new to me from each of the readings-
The four habits of highly effective librarians
* Implement an instant messaging service for users to assist with questions or problems.
* Library wide wikis to assist with problem solving and encourage relationships.
* Keep discussions and decisions in-house to prevent wasting time.

Effective time management for teachers
* Have structured and unstructured work- this may require a timetable with timers, bells or buzzers. I use this effectively with students – why not use the same processes on ourselves!
* Quality and Quantity- It’s better to do a job once, properly than have to do it continuously or have to come back to amend something done at an earlier time.
* Planning to plan at home means work time is less valued. Sometimes we need to stop procrastinating and putting thing off because we know we can do it later and get stuck in and do it now.

Effective time management for teachers
* Requirement and importance of structured time.
* Identify and create boundaries that are achievable and realistic.
* List or chunk time to ensure quality use o timeframes.

One thing I could do right now that would make me more productive-
Plan specific time to complete tasks and break these times into brackets that are planned out to ensure personal accountability. Additionally, implementing technology and programs that may initially take time to set up but will streamline my practices and ensure a more sufficient paper trail and documentation.

Part 2
What advanced skills do they have in these areas.
When I look at the advanced skills senior peers have in setting and negotiating priorities, they are always well organised and aware of a deadline and when items are required. If there is a strong understanding f what is required to complete a task and when it is needing to be completed the task is often produced in the correct timeframe and to a high standard.

Gillman, T. (2007). The four habits of highly effective librarians, (Chronicle Careers). The Chronicle of Higher Education, May 23.

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