Topic 3- Further Reflections

I have been considering the following question further- * How are students disadvantaged in schools that exclude the teacher librarian from curriculum development? I think it is vital to note that unless TL are proactive in continuing their own learning and assisting our peers there may be minimal impact in regards to student disadvantage if a TL is not passionate about furthering student standards. Too many schools place a TL on a temporary basis that is incompetent as a class teacher, either as the ‘release’ or ‘library teacher’ because they have ‘less negative impact on the students’ (yes, a school has mentioned this to me in the past). In saying this, if we implement the things that we have learnt as a mainstream class teacher, we could have more positive impact on student learning than just having the influence of the library teacher alone. I’m not solely completing this additional degree to get a job as a librarian, but to be the best teacher possible. I want to be able to provide my students with the opportunities and research knowledge that they will need to survive in an increasingly digital age. I feel that if more teachers were proactive in becoming engaged in their own learning then student disadvantage would continue to decrease.


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