Ways a TL might make their priorities both clear and palatable to the school community

Some important questions need to be established and answered when prioritising, these may include:
– What you want to achieve?
– Who needs to be involved in the process?
– How you are going to achieve it?
– What is a realistic timeframe in achieving these goals?

The TL would make their priorities clear and palatable by working with the school community to discuss what the requirements are for the school. To successfully communicate the priorities of the Teacher Librarian within schools the following could take place-
* Delegate time to achieve goals and have goals clearly displayed in a positive working environment. This will ensure that the goals aren’t out of sight and out of mind.

* If a plan of attack is made, in conjunction with peers and supervisors and is supportive of all included, it is more likely that the TL will be given the assistance that is required to help implement any changes. Once the priorities have been decided upon, a mission statement and plan of attack should be made.

* Set achievable goals- Break down priorities into achievable goals and time frames. Creating a checklist that clearly states the outcomes the TL is planning on achieving and indicates to guide the process to ensure the outcome is achieved.

* Having a mentor or supervisor to guide and aide in implementing the plan will ensure that we are accountable. Additionally, critically reflecting to ensure that the requirements and priorities are met and how we have been achieving these priorities will allow us to operate more effectively in the future. This may come in the form of:
– Informal meetings on a weekly or fortnightly basis to maintain that the implementation time frame is kept on track.
– Formal meetings with the supervisor or mentor to maintain progress and accountability whilst providing support and guidance as required.
– Communication with peers, the school community in general and mentors by email, blog, school website, personal interaction, assembly announcements and general conversation.
– Annual or bi-annual reports to be made available for general viewing to make people aware of the current changes being undertaken within the school.

* Additionally, surveys to ensure satisfaction from peers and ways things they would change to improve productiveness or process. Collaboration with peers is a key priority in maintaining and encouraging positive student learning outcomes and relationships with peers is vital in maintaining effective teaching practices and links to the curriculum.

* Consult affiliate groups or programs and use the support and guidance that they offer. We don’t always have to re-invent the wheel, but we can make it our own. Ensuring we are up to date with state and government websites (e.g. ALIA). Also, maintaining communication with our peers, may provide us with ideas or guidance from those who have experienced simular problems that will aide us in achieving our goals more effectively.


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