Topic 1- Week 2

I looked up the recommended blog sites provided and also searched individual comparison reviews between the different sites. I preferred the WordPress and Edublogs sites and this was also supported by positive reviews. I decided to try to use the site as this can also be used within schools. Additionally, I felt it was beneficial to gain some experience with the site before introducing it to students. However, when I tried to access the site I kept having problems logging in. The page wouldn’t load properly on my Mac and I couldn’t get past the introductory sign-in pages. In the meantime I found that the WordPress site was loading faster (we have poor internet access). I felt that using a program that would load and be accessible more effectively would be a better way to proceed.
I spent some time over the next few days exploring the site. I took the Edublogs challenge on board and tried to post and upload the items they had listed. Additionally, I also practiced loading an image or link and then removing or editing it. I have had a problem with loading the link and being able to click on the hyperlink and it takes you straight to the site. To get around this I changed my directions to stipulate the user just copy the web address and paste it in a new tab if the hyperlink didn’t connect.
I also found the movie tutorials very helpful and much easier to follow than the point-by-point instruction provided on the WordPress site. I have added a cover image, adjusted my backgrounds and uploaded an image of myself as well as adjust the menu bar positioning and the items with. It was frustrating changing text and layouts only to discover that to save my changes I had to upgrade to a paying account. However I’m glad that I experimented with the layout and format even if I didn’t keep all the changes.

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